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We offer high-end wealth management and advisory services to individuals, family offices and corporates.

About Rockfort Advisors

We build relationships of trust

Rockfort Advisors

  • A Capital Market Services (CMS) Licensed Fund Management Company
  • Licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore

An institutional gold standard of capability delivered through a personalized platform

Sandeep Sharma

  • Founder & CEO
  • 24 years work experience in banking and finance

Last Role

  • CEO HSBC Private Bank (South East Asia): one of the top 4 private banks in Asia
  • Veteran of multiple market cycles
  • Worked closely with some of the wealthiest global families
  • Worked on some of the largest businesses in Asia

A wealth of experience stretching over 20 years

Cianta Seneviratne

Cianta Seneviratne has over 20 years of experience in capital markets, structured credit, financial commodity trading and alternative investments. Previously, he was the Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific for XE Capital Management, a global hedge fund firm, where he focused on structured credit and private equity transactions across the resource, financial, insurance and real estate sectors. Prior to that he was a co-portfolio manager and an investment committee member of the alternative investment platform at Zurich Capital Markets after having begun his career in proprietary trading and risk management at Macquarie Bank and Bankers Trust. Cianta holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from University of Melbourne and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Kiong Mei-Yi

Kiong Mei-Yi is a pioneer member of Rockfort Advisors and oversees areas of Business Operations, Client Relationship and Services Management.

She brings with her 20 years of experience in the financial sector, with over a decade in private banking experience.  Her experience includes portfolio management and client relationship management for high net worth Asian client.

Mei-Yi joined Rockfort Advisors after a career in JP Morgan Private Wealth Management where she last worked as a Relationship Manager.

Prior to JP Morgan, she worked in HSBC Private Bank and EFG Private Bank as an Assistant Relationship Manager covering Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Mei-Yi graduated from National University of Singapore with an Honours Degree in Economics.

Wealth Management and Multi-Family Office

Sandeep Sharma founded Rockfort Advisors in 2018 as a Singapore domiciled Multi-Family Office to provide best in class wealth management solutions, after a career in private banking. Professional expertise and solid client relationships are the cornerstones of our activity.

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We take a comprehensive view of the clients needs and structure optimal solution for them.

We build our relationships by carefully listening to our clients and sharing our common experiences and expertise. We support them through a global and long-term wealth management approach across generations. We take a holistic view in managing our clients’ assets.

We are strongly committed to our Values, which are essential to building long-term relationships with our Clients

Independence & Transparency

We are client-centric, and stand up for their freedom of choice and flexibility of action. We listen to them and encourage dialogue. We act independently.

Performance & Innovation

We act for our clients with the same accuracy as we would for ourselves.

Excellence in Serving our Client

We stand by our clients. We are approachable and responsive, focusing on dialogue and striving to keep them informed. We listen to them carefully in order to identify their priorities. And we are prompt and accurate in execution and reporting.

A Long-term Commitment

“What is important to you is important to us”: we are committed, both contractually and morally, to meeting our clients’ needs and pursuing their objectives, discreetly and durably.

Advise our Clients, manage their wealth, generate value, and protect their assets

Wealth Structuring

We provide a comprehensive approach in partnership with the most experienced consultants.


The hallmark of our business: managing investments involves a risk-return profile that we define together with clients.


We analyse requirements, provide advise on choosing the appropriate banks, negotiate terms, assist in opening accounts, and oversee execution of transactions.

Reporting & Consolidation

We report on the wealth, risk and performance, and consolidate portfolios and assets located in different banks or countries.

Working For You

We represent your interests and structure and deliver banking solutions to meet your requirements.

Asset Allocation

The investment committee analyses macro-economic trends, global geopolitical outlook, research on various asset classes and market technicals. The outcome is an optimal asset allocation for each client’s investment profile. This is the most important factor in determining portfolio construction. Research has shown that majority of returns in a portfolio are the result of an optimal asset allocation.

Risk Control and Reporting

Risk control is essential for protecting portfolios, building and stabilising returns. We assess risks dynamically and recommend hedging according to preferences and possibilities. We also report periodically to our clients on our activity and results.

Asset Selection

Through an in-depth analytical process we complete asset selection and identify the optimal securities matching the specific investment profiles of our clients. We use both quantitative and qualitative methods in our analysis.

Understanding Client and Investment Profile

We spend time and resources understanding our clients. Each client has a unique situation and investment requirement. We construct portfolios with the clients and their requirements at the centre. Risk management and portfolio optimization is dynamically done.

Portfolio Construction

The foundation of this is understanding clients and their investment profile. Portfolios are then constructed based on asset allocation as a core underpinning principle. Next step is asset selection and finally selecting securities. The investment approach takes into account fundamentals and technicals. The final outcome is a bespoke portfolio for each client.

An approach that is flexible above all, and designed for your needs


Entrusted management with a pre-set risk profile. This mandate involves a management fee that varies with assets, execution modes, and the choice of a custodian bank. A structure with a performance fee is also available.


The search for opportunities within the client’s areas of interest, in phase with the markets. This mandate incurs an advisory fee (that may take the form of a flat fee) which varies according to assets, mode of execution and choice of a custodian bank. A performance fee structure may also be available.


Execution of transactions initiated by the client, along with quality control, administrative follow-up and reporting, which may be consolidated. Fees are generally set on a flat basis agreed with the client.

A focus on sustainability is a core value

The founders are invested in Edible Garden city to achieve this.

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